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Often times, we get involved in building web apps in which we are required to fetch large sets of data records from a remote server, API or some database sitting somewhere. If you are building a payment system for example, it could be fetching thousands of transactions. If it is a social media app, it could be fetching tonnes of user comments, profiles or activities.

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If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. Aloe vera creams, gels, and ointments contain the clear gel found in aloe veraleaves.

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Other instruments include Opi - a wind instrument similar to the flute; Igbaand Ichaka. They also have a style of music called Ikorodowhich involves a vocal performance accompanied by several musical instruments. Another musical form among the Igbos is Highlife, which is a fusion of jazz and traditional music and widely popular in West Africa. The artist blows the musical sounds through the wide opening, while placing the thumb and the ring fingers simultaneously on the two smallest holes to control the rhythm.

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Turning your data analysis into a compelling story can be energizing, but sometimes you can get hung up on just exploring and understanding the data without ever getting to an interesting insight. How do you discover interesting stories. Well, your exploration may go something like this:.

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